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Stella & Paul - Brookfield Hall, Brisbane

Stella and Paulie are an odd but perfect mix. She's systematic, precise, organised and unstoppable. He is wild, loud, mischievous and also unstoppable. She has a secret wild side and he has sheer drive. Together they're like a well oiled machine.

Being able to shoot their wedding was incredible because they set the tone for their friends and it was a wild, loud and loving, well organised celebration.  The details were perfectly executed by their friends and family, including the table pieces. Stella's gown was from the incredible House Of Ezis and the bridal flowers were arranged by the amazing New England Flower Co. And the hues in the blooms suited Stella's aesthetic perfectly. 


The ceremony was relaxed and authentic to who they are, thanks to Celebrate With Jillian for finding out exactly what Stella and Paulie wanted to say to each other.  The venue had rustic surrounds, greenery and beautiful trees. If you picture horse stables, a horse race track, a large field and an old timey building at the front, that's Brookfield Hall.  The whole day was magical and I truly thank you both for having me there. 

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