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Tips for bringing your business to the 'gram

Social media is a scary place, and it can be pretty tough to keep up with constantly changing tools and trends. Let’s break down some top tips for getting started with Instagram for your business!

I'm sure you've heard of the Brisbane fashion label BlackMilk Clothing and their iconic stretchy fun-tights. If you've ever been onto their Instagram account, you'd have seen that they have 1 Million enthusiastically active followers liking and commenting on their every post. Now... that Instagram account is largely responsible for the Independent Label's continuing success and the team behind that account are responsible for the fun, engaging content.

We were lucky enough to have one of their currently-adored-former-employees Sam Wilson (@fivebyfive__) write a guest blog for us, outlining some key points that will help you take your online presence to the next level. Sam worked on BlackMilk Clothing's Instagram account for three years and has been a social media marketing genius for five years, so this advice is backed by results. Go see the legacy she helped build, for yourself. But while you're here, read on to discover some fun pointers on bringing your business to the 'gram.

Sam Says:

Understand who you’re talking to. This is absolutely the number one thing ANY brand needs to be thinking about when marketing their product or service, social media or not.

Our Instagram pals have short attention spans, and it’s VERY important to gear your feed towards helping them, rather than telling them how great you are. Who’s your ideal customer? What do they care about? What problems can you help them solve? Start there, and build your content with them in mind.

Here are the basics to get your profile sorted:

1. Keep your username as simple as possible. Your brand name with as few underscores or full stops as possible, nobody wants to mess around trying to find you.

2. Set your logo as your profile picture so you’re super easily identifiable to your existing and potential clients.

3. Write a short bio that encapsulates your brand in a way that will appeal to your audience, and make sure your website is the only clickable link on your profile.

The “C” Word

Mind out of the gutter, dear reader. I’m talking about Content. Anything you post online is content; blogs, videos, images, reviews, whatever. It can all be a part of a clever online marketing strategy.

Each type serves the greater purpose of promoting your brand, and each type has different benefits and pitfalls. Try not to get caught up in the trends - don’t just post a video because you’ve heard they get more likes. Think about the story you’re trying to tell and the end goal of your post, then let your content grow from there.


You don’t need a million followers like BlackMilk to be a success on Instagram. But you do need to engage your audience! It’s not enough to post your photos and hope for the best. Find similar pages to interact with. Like and comment on your customer’s posts. Instagram rewards this behaviour because they want people using their platform, and you’ll be more visible.

Take these basics with you to get started (or re-vamped) on Instagram! Once you start playing around and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to develop a solid social media strategy for your brand.

Liked that? Good! Sam will be frequenting our blogs with some niche Instagram marketing tips for you to implement as you grow.

Have you got any social media topics you’d like us to tackle? Let us know!

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