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Social Media Forecast 2020

Trends & predictions for 2020 - Staying ahead of the game.

While the title of this uninformed blog may sound instructional, it's more of a musing and I want your input. Together, we may be able to hit the nail on the like-button and stay ahead of the Jones'.

Here are some things I predict to trend in 2020.


The colour Mint will hit our interiors & graphics by storm but it won't be the blue mint that graced us a few years ago (let's be real it was actually Aqua), it'll be a light green mint. Followed by Oceanic Blue (a light blue), Muted Rose will stay and Cantelope (sweet, gentle oranges will be on the continued rise).

Wedding Themes:

Weddings will start to stray from the Boheme and walk straight into a tropical paradise with more bright colours in their florals and mid-length, multi-use wedding dresses.

Social Content (Images):

We'll see much less of the furrowed brows, posed by glamorous models and much more movement and expression as we realise that humanity is what we all crave. Real laughs, scrunched noses and movement in hair and poses will be all up in your feed.

Video Content (duh):

Zuckerberg predicts that Facebook will be mostly video content within the next 3 years. Coming from a billionaire who can basically see into the future, I'd take that on board and start shooting! Video is up by 1200% as the most consumed source of online content over photography and copy.

Elopements & Party-Weddings:

More and more couples are standing up to their mothers and in-laws and saying enough is enough. Traditional weddings are on the out as people say that they don't feel the need to be "given away" or to have anything borrowed, or blue. Wedding favours are seeming more and more like a waste of money just as Save The Dates are seeming pointless for anyone getting married in their home country. I predict a huge rise in elopements and non-traditional, party style weddings.


Thanks to Instagram, a world has been opened up for creatives to have their work gobbled up by folk who'd say "I don't have a creative bone in my body". This means photographers will be shooting less of what their clients THINK they want, based on the history of portraits (awkward and staged - honestly my grandfather could shoot that kind of imagery for you - no offence, Poppy, I love you). And more of what you, as a creative want to produce. Your potential clients will have so much more trust in the content you want to provide for them, along with your creative process. So I predict that this growing shift in creative portraits & wedding photography will boom.

Body Image:

Brave girls around the world are saying enough is enough. They want to be shown content with real people. Stretchmarks, cellulite, pimples and pores will grace your socials and encourage you to lower the standards you have on yourself created by comparison to a Photoshopped image.

Now that I have shared my musings with you, I'd LOVE to hear yours. Jump on your keyboard and start planning your future online presence and let me hear it. This will help me grow my socials and push my content into the direction that you, my incredibly beautiful subscribers would like to see. Leave a comment below or swing me an email via the contact page. What do you want to see more of? I want to hear it all.

On a side note:

My boyfriend made a great point about the term "followers". It really puts one person on a pedestal and encourages the ideology of a follower mindset. "Do as I do and you'll be happy". "Look how I look and you'll be pretty". NO! We say scrap that. You're not followers. You're strong, independent individuals with minds and ideas of your own. So while Instagram (bless it's cotton socks) might want to label you as sheep, I'd like to thank you for SUBSCRIBING to our work, our content and our ideas.

Esther xo

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