Kaitlyn and Nick Panettiere

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

My Big Fat Wog Wedding (Their words, not mine haha).

The Calile Wedding Photos

Kaitlyn and Nick are both from super loving, fun, Italian families. They had a 200 person wedding spread out across the Calile Hotel and ELEVEN Rooftop Bar (down the road) in Brisbane. This pair of Hotcakes had planned a wedding for later in the year, but due to things I won't discuss here, they had to move it forward leaving Kaitlyn and her incredible coordinator to plan this massively impressive wedding in a month.

They opted for the Calile for the prep and ceremony, which in my opinion is a fantastic choice, the decor there is stunning yet neutral so it doesn't impose on your theme. Olive leaves were thrown as confetti and Olive branches lined the isle. Over at Eleven Rooftop Bar for the reception, this fun loving pair opted for a party with incredible food on trays all night and unlimited cocktails. They had potted basil for wedding favours, Olive branches and lemons to suit their Italian heritage. While they didn't have a sit down dinner, they still had a cake, first dance, garter and bouquet toss. They waited until later in the evening so that their guests were well and truly "lit" and boy was that a good idea. The expressions on their guests faces said it all. Pure excitement, love and joy. xoxo Esther.

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