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How To Dress & Style For Your Photoshoot

"It's a shoot, it's a vibe"

So you've got a photoshoot coming up and you dream of it being Pinterest-worthy but you don't know where to start? Well... Pinterest of course! We've got our own 'lil board going on here.

But if you'd like something a little more directive, this post has you covered. I'm going to load you up on some perfect pointers to carry you through the styling process like this dad is carrying his kid's foot.

Lets work with an example that I have been giving clients for two years. This starting point has even been adapted by other photographers over the past year because it's so helpful. It may all sound a little contrived but just go with it..

Close your eyes and picture how you want your home and the general aesthetics of your family to look. If you home is already established and you've styled it to your liking, then even better!

- Is it coastal and beachy, linen-clad with tones of sand and clay?

- Is it minimalist with heaps of monotones, blacks and whites?

- Is it brunch-casual with florals, button downs, navy's and hues of blooms?

- Is it a touch retro with denims and sunset tones like mustard?

Determine the colour scheme that suits your home. This way, if you decide to have your photoshoot displayed on your walls, it'll suit your interior styling!

Indoor shoot example:

Lets first go with this example - My beautiful client Shona is a fab lawyer / mum and she and her hubby just bought this banger home in Kingscliff, NSW. They have a coastal-minimalist vibe and I dig it. So they wore linens & cottons in monotones. It gave them the easy breezy in-home shoot they were looking for.

What if my home isn't ready or I prefer an outdoorsy look?!

All good my friend! You should still ask the above questions - this helps you figure out if you think a beach or a field or a park would suit your aesthetic best. Let's say for the sake of this next example that you dig the sunset greens of a park vibe. Whats happening inside your home? If you display these images on your wall are they going to suit your space?

Park shoot example:

Byron Bay born and bred Emmalene & Sam have neutrals, linens and colours of wildflowers in their home and wardrobes so they used some items from Fox and Sage to make their shoot really stand out. Neutrals mixed with warm colours and textures. On a side note - here's an adorable shoot I did of a one-year-old's birthday party styled with really cute colours tones and usable props in the same colour scheme.

Emmalene stripped her linens down to breastfeed for a moment and I was absolutely in love with her Bimby + Roy bra and I thought I should share it with you in case you also died of bra envy when you saw it.

Now what if you'd love an in-home shoot but you don't have a huge space? That's cool boo, you can stick to detail shots and cosy family moments.

The detail shoot example:

In this next example, Maddie was in town staying at her sister's place when she booked me for a shoot. Since this wasn't her "home" we kept it in one cute lil' room and styled it to suit the clay, natural and mustard aesthetics to suit her own home. If you're detail oriented, you'll appreciate shots with lots of texture. I found this adorable dusty-clay coloured blanket for my own stash at Bed Bath N' Table for $39!

Also if you're obsessed with this washing basket that I plonked Millie into, you can find them at Kmart! Here's a link to the exact one.

And last but not least...

Beach shoot example:

Grace & Kane grew up in Byron Bay and when she fell pregnant she dreamt of a beach maternity shoot with coastal, retro tones. It happened to be a very rainy weekend but a week out from her baby's due date, we had no choice but to go forth and shoot at Wategos with a cover of clouds, and you know what? I love it! It's so soft and the muted sky really allows for Grace's bump to stand out.

While we're here, I want to show you a sunset beach image that I took in one of my favourite surf spots, Currumbin Alley. Just because... You know it! It's a vibe.

What to take from all of this?

It's important to consider your own personal style and tastes. If they happen to be trending at the moment, you'll find lots in-store or better still - in your own home to use in your shoot. If you have a left-of-centre style, I'd love to hear what you're into and help guide you from there. The more unique the better! At the end of the day, whether you're a coastal basic-b like me or your're a city slicker or an alt-indi-cruelty-free-asparagus, I want to capture everything you're about.

I hope this helps your shoot whether it be with me or some other legend!

Enjoy your life x


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Anne Donnelly
Anne Donnelly
10 juil. 2019

This is magic advice! And I absolutely love the raw honesty of your work Esther.

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