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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer


Seems pretty daunting, right? Finding the right person to be in charge of memories you’ll look back on for the rest of your life can feel like a whole lotta pressure you don’t need, so we’re here to break it down and make the decision a little easier on you.

Find your style

Time to warm up your thumbs for a bit of Instagram scrolling! The first step is to jump on some wedding pages and start to notice the vibes you like. Are you into warm, glowy tones, or something more cool and modern? Do you like candid, unposed moments, or are you looking for something a little more formal? Once you start paying attention to the things you like about other people’s wedding pictures, you can narrow down a few photographers who shoot in the style you’re after and go from there.


Consider your investment level

Unfortunately there’s just no easy answer to “what the hell should this cost?!” Different photographers package things differently, so you’ll need to check out whether they charge by the hour, whether they shoot solo or have a second photographer with them, and how it all works out. The most expensive doesn’t always mean the best results, but look for experience over value for money. A professional can handle the pressure of any wedding day, whether they’ve been to a venue before or not. The best wedding photographers will chat to you about your investment level and best options, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and figure out exactly what works for you and your wedding.


Do you LOVE them?

We saved it for last, but this might be the most important one of them all. Do you vibe with your photographer?! Personality is so important because, as we said, you’re trusting your photographer to capture memories you’ll look at forever and you'll spend all day with them. Great wedding photographers can keep their energy up all day long so you and your guests are comfy in front of the camera and you get the shots you wanted. Communication is key, so you should be able to easily chat about your likes, dislikes and expectations for the day. If you book someone who’s genuinely excited to shoot your wedding, they’re going to give it their all.


For more tips on planning your dream wedding and to check out photos of real weddings, make sure you check out The Love Archives blog and follow us on Insta!

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