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6 Unique Engagement Ring Trends for Every Kind of Bride | The Love Archives

If you’ve attended, planned or witnessed a wedding from afar over the last couple of years, you might be privy to just how much wedding trends have changed. More couples have ditched lavish affairs for quiet, intimate ceremonies. Brides are choosing wedding dress styles that reflect their personality. But where does this leave engagement ring trends?

If you’re stuck on what ring you could see yourself wearing, keep reading to learn about six unique engagement ring trends in 2022 that we absolutely love.

Toi et Moi

One of the more romantic engagement ring trends in 2022 is Toi et Moi. French for 'you and me' - this style features two complementary gemstones coiled around the band and dates back to 1796. The unique engagement ring symbolises two people coming together as one. You might have seen this trend on celebrities like Megan Fox who's engagement ring was designed by Machine Gun Kelly & Stephen Webster and Ariana Grande's Solow & Co ring.

Marquise Diamonds

Diamond cuts like the round and oval have always been a popular choice throughout the decades. However, there has been a distinct shift towards alternative shapes such as the marquise. Marquise diamond rings feature a sophisticated and elongated shape that appears classic and retro all at the same time. Typically paired with a traditional band, this engagement ring style is also seen on a double band by the designer Natasha Schweitzer.

Stackable bands

Engagement rings and wedding rings are no longer separate. With the likes of A-listers like Hailey Bieber, brides prefer the option to pair their engagement ring with their wedding band. Instead, it’s now common to want the first ring to compliment the second. For example, an unconventional diamond cut like the marquise might be paired with a bold wedding band.

Coloured stones

Not all engagement rings are clear and crisp. Couples continue to set a new precedent with engagement ring trends as coloured stones become more popular. Especially sapphire and emerald. Whether it's the sheer desire to be different or the A-list celebrities dawning the likes of all sorts of colours, ring designers such as Molten Store are embracing the trend.

For example, the Delilah Ceylon Sapphire and Diamon Ring is the perfect combination of colour, grace and beauty. But I think our favourite from the collection is the Hattie Australian Sapphire and Diamond Ring. Follow the link to see why.

Eternity Ring

Instead of just one diamond, why not have a band of diamonds? Eternity rings are another engagement ring trend that comes in various styles ranging from simple to glamorous. This style features an endless row of delicate diamond details and is perfect for the bride that wants the ability to stack their engagement ring with their wedding band. The diamond eternity ring by Kirstin Ash is crafted with every detail in mind, including a 14k gold band adorned with white diamonds, each in a four claw setting.

Oval Rings

Oval diamond rings have become more popular over the last couple of years. The classic engagement ring style is classic, timeless and beautiful. Plus, its soft shape lengthens the appearance of fingers and draws attention to the hand. The diamond can speak for itself, or you can elevate it with a decorated silver or gold band. With this style sticking around in 2022, you might see more unique ways of setting, such as non-solitaire and east-west.

These six engagement ring trends are a breath of fresh air for the wedding ring industry. Not only do they allow the bride to express their individual personality, but the groom to choose something that reflects the couple's love story in a timeless and elegant way.

We can’t wait to see more beautiful engagement ring designs from the designers linked in this article.

Esther xx

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