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Apps you need for planning your wedding

Whether you're planning your own wedding or using a stylist / coordinator (recommended), it can all feel a bit "where do I begin". Well.. a great first step is to get an app to help you get those wedding wheels in motion! Here are 5 online places loved and used by my clients.

1. Manage My Wedding

And manage it does! This all-in-one app keeps everything in one spot, helping you track your budget, to-do lists, notes, dietary requirements, and more. You can share access with others to help you plan, import guests straight from your phone contacts, and keep an eye on that countdown. Currently only available on iOS, they’re announcing an Android version soon.

2. Appy Couple

This one’s for you and your guests. Create a unique app and site for your wedding, select your own design, invite your guests, set up your registry, collect RSVPs, and share photos. Bonus points for the delightfully lame pun in the name. Get it in the App Store and Google Play.

3. Palette Cam

Created for designers, this app will help you find the perfect colour scheme for your wedding. You can browse inspo in the app, pull colours from images you’ve seen online, or even upload your own photos to see which colour themes go perfectly with that bridesmaid dress from that one store. Available for iOS as well as Android.

4. Etsy

Can’t go wrong with a classic. If you want your wedding to have a touch of something unique, Etsy is probably the place to find it. Start with personalised bridal party gifts, end with biodegradable confetti and a beautiful hand-made bridal crown. They’ve got it all. If you haven’t already, grab it from the App Store and Google Play.

5. Smiling Mind

Okay. Take a breath. This planning stuff can get stressful! Smiling Mind is an amazing, free mindfulness app designed for all ages. Guided recordings will help you reduce anxieties and stress, create a sense of calm, and regulate emotions. There are all different lengths designed for different parts of your day, so you can take a moment to yourself whenever you need. Honestly, download it even if you’re not planning a wedding right now.

I hope that was helpful! Be sure to drop us a line if you have any questions about wedding photography and video and check out our Instagram!

Esther xo

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