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6 Tips to Keep your Wedding Day Organised

Planning a wedding? Have I got something helpful for you!

Imagine this... You've been planning your wedding for what feels like forever, and the big day finally almost here. You've already chosen your dream photographer, because you want to look back on your images in years to come and be proud of the incredible day you created. High quality images that capture the essence of you and your partner are so important, so we've put together our top tips to prepare you for the perfect wedding prep photos.


1. Keep your prep room clean. 'Wedding Prep' is a term you'll hear a lot when discussing capturing those getting ready moments with your photographer. A great way to keep your prep photos looking as stunning as the rest of your day is to tell your prep squad to help you keep the room tidy and organised throughout the morning. This ensures you won't have Coles bags and champagne corks lingering in the background of your photos.


2. Bring your wedding stationery to your prep location for your photographer to capture. You went to all that effort choosing the right stationery so why not have it captured? It all comes together to tell the story of your day.


3. BYO Hanger. Bring a wooden (or other kind of pretty) coat hanger to hang your dress or jacket on for detail photos. A black plastic hanger just never has the same effect.


4. Location. Choose a hotel room or Air B&B (if applicable) with lots of space and natural light. Lots of couples even go to lengths of choosing a location with lovely neutral tones or finding something with an incredibly unique feel.


5. Less is more. Limiting the number of people you have with you during prep. This is a tricky one but I will discuss it because I see it a lot. Of course you want the folks you love the most there with you to calm your nerves and help you get ready and excited. But having a room with lots of family, their partners and kids, all having their own conversations, kidlets crying, a photographer and videographer, hair and makeup artists PLUS your wedding party is a lot to deal with when you've already got a lot going on inside your head. The more relaxed you are the better. Let people know ahead of time who's allowed to join you and keep it at that. Alternatively if you thrive in chaos, go for gold. We're there excitedly capturing the day as it is, however you want it to be.


6. Time to go! It's almost time to leave for the wedding ceremony! Getting dressed right before you leave may sound tempting however you'll want some photos once you're dressed. Your photography team will need to leave before you and arrive at the ceremony 20 minutes before you do to set up your video cameras and get some shots of the surrounds. This means you'll need to be dressed 20 minutes before your photographer and videographer need to leave. Allow enough time in your schedule for this, your photographer or planner can help you figure out the time you need to be dressed based on distance to ceremony and ceremony start time.


That's it! I hope that helps your wedding prep run smoothly and may all your photos look clean, well lit and stress free. Big hugs and good luck on your special day! If you love our work, we travel anywhere in Australia to capture weddings (and before COVID Weddings, around the world) here's to hoping we can shoot some destination weddings again one day soon hey?! Love,


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