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6 things you should ask your wedding photographer BEFORE you book them

Okay, you’ve started looking at potential wedding photographers, you’ve even read our blog on How to Pick a Wedding Photographer and picked some faves. What now? The key to narrowing down the list and picking a photographer that’s right for you is to ask a few questions. Here’s where to start:

1. How many weddings have you shot?

You want amazing wedding photos you’ll want to look back on forever, and you only have one chance to get them. An experienced photographer is absolutely your best bet! There’s not really a magic number, but look for a seasoned pro who knows how to work under pressure, rather than a newbie who might not be as reliable.

2. What is the deposit and total fee?

Just clear this up early! Discuss packaging options, overtime, add-ons, and how to best work with your budget. Knowing from the start how much you’ll pay and when is the best way to avoid any unnecessary stress later on.

3. Will you be my photographer, or will it be someone else?

Don’t assume that the person you see on Instagram is the person who’ll be shooting your wedding. Find out if you’re getting the photographer you think you are, who their second shooter and assistant options are, and who you’ll be dealing with. Gotta make sure you’re comfy with the crew!

4. Do you require a shot list? You can absolutely help your photographer out with a little list to make sure you get the key shots you want. Most pros will be able to get all the key moments plus shots you never even imagined, so have a chat about what your expectations are.

5. How long after the wedding do we get to see photos?

If you’re a part of any wedding-related Facebook group you’ve probably read horror stories of wedding photos not being delivered until years after the wedding. Luckily, that’s not the norm! A few sneak peeks up front and the rest of your images no longer than 8 weeks later is a good benchmark, just ask your photographer for a guarantee on timelines before you commit.

6. How will you safely store and backup my wedding files?

You gotta keep those precious memories safe! This is a great way to tell an experienced wedding photographer from an amateur. A good photographer will have a comprehensive storage system in place so you can be confident your files are secure.

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