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5 unique maternity shoot ideas for the mum who wants to try something different

Flowy fabric in a field is a time-tested classic, but what if that’s just not you? Here are some of the best ideas for pregnant mamas who want to try something unique.

Get wet!

We just can’t stress this enough. Whether it’s the beach or a garden hose, a wet bump is a beautiful bump! There’s something pretty amazing about seeing a mum-to-be out there with the elements, and it ALWAYS turns out to be a super fun shoot.



Get creative with lights

The perfect way to add some twinkle to your bump shoot… fairy lights! Your photographer can play with portable string lights to add some stunning effects, and it’s incredibly flattering lighting. You’ll feel absolutely magical!


Try it at home

Why travel at all if you don’t have to? Believe it or not, your home is a pretty versatile place to shoot. From cosy living room shots that exude comfort, to arty shots in the garden; chat to your photographer for a cool new perspective on the pictures you can take from the comfort of your own home.

Go for the close-up

Changing perspective is a fun way to put a unique twist on your maternity photos, and they can be shot absolutely anywhere. It can be as simple as viewing your bump from a different angle, or focusing in on your beautiful curves. These shots always look beautiful framed, and are perfect if you’re looking for a more arty vibe.


Bring the kids

Ahh! These photos are guaranteed to make your heart burst. If you have older kiddos, what a beautiful way to include them on your pregnancy journey and capture some moments to look back on forever.





I would love to hear your ideas for a creative maternity shoot!

Send me a DM on Instagram! See more bumps, babies and couples here.

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