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5 tips to unleash your inner confidence!


Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel confident and secure all the time? It seems like some people are just naturally born that way, but you can totally train yourself to build that unshakable faith in YOU, and unleash it on the unsuspecting world. Cuz it turns out you’re pretty amazing, and you need to know about it! So how do we unleash that inner confidence?

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

UGH, if only it were that easy. We’re scrolling social media, meeting amazing people in real life, seeing impossible standards everywhere we go. How could anyone possibly live up to all that? You CAN’T! And you’ll drive yourself crazy trying. Ditch the fitspo pics, stop worrying that your second cousin is ‘more successful’ than you. It’s you vs. you. Remember when you used to dream of what you have now? You’re killing it. Keep going.


2. Speak to yourself kindly

This brings us to our next point. Be kind to yourself! Chances are, you’d never talk to someone you love, the way you talk to yourself. Negative self-talk has got to go! Start each day with a positive thought. Write down something you’re grateful for. Bask in the present moment. Unclench your jaw, and tell yourself you’re the sh*t. You deserve it!


3. Forget perfection

Ahh those impossible standards are back again! Perfect body, perfect job, perfect home, perfect relationships, perfect mental health. HOW?! Give yourself a little grace, my friend. So you vacuumed the house but your washing isn’t put away. Fine. Did you ditch the ‘diet’ and enjoy a weekend of beers and hangs with your mates? GOOD! Once you drop the idea of who you “should” be, and start embracing who you are? Unstoppable.


4. Celebrate your wins

It doesn’t matter how small they seem, promise! Celebrating the little wins is what helps us knock out the big goals later. It’s so easy to get discouraged as we work away at ticking things off our vision board of life, so it’s important to take a sec to remember why you started and look at how far you’ve come.


5. Speak up for what you believe in

Seriously, it feels so good! What are you passionate about? Chat to friends, start a topic online, find a rally or group to be a part of. Speaking up for something you believe in is a hack to feeling more confident, because you ARE confident about it. Personally, we believe in helping people unleash their inner confidence so… here we are.

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