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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you're wondering it, there's a good chance someone has already asked. If you can't find an answer we would love to hear from you so we can help out.

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What happens to my wedding date and deposit if COVID ruins my plans?

This has been the most asked question over 2020-2021 as you can imagine! Luckily for you, we are one of the wedding photography companies who were able to swiftly develop a plan the minute we first faced a lockdown in march 2020, put it into action and see it work seamlessly for the tens of weddings we have had to postpone (sometimes numerous times per couple, poor things).


Firstly, your booking fee or deposit: Your booking fee is non refundable as it secures us for your date (which means we turn down other couples who ask for your date etc if we don't have anyone available to shoot for them). In the event of a COVID lockdown or restrictions bringing guest numbers down by 90%, then we are happy to work with you to move your wedding to a new date. If you move your wedding date due to these COVID reasons, you will not lose your deposit as we transfer it to the new date. The only stipulation is that we have availability on your new chosen date. We have a way to help with that, read on.


The logistics of moving your wedding date: 

This is always scary for couples at first but once they realise that it's the new normal for us vendors, they are able to breathe. I have a helpful Google Sheets form that you can download in this blog here which allows your vendors to all add in their new available dates so you can seamlessly choose a new one that works for all. Prioritise the dates of your venue and photography teams. 

Mostly, remember to breathe, have patience with everyone around you because you can imagine, if your wedding is being postponed, so are hundreds of others and this does put a lot of pressure on the wedding industry as a whole. We have it dialled now but kindness is always key. 

How long will it take to receive my images and video?

The standard processing time for a portrait session is up to two weeks. For a wedding it takes up to 6 to 8 weeks to flag (choose) all of my favourite images from your wedding, then to edit them all in Adobe Lightroom. My weddings are usually back-to-back, one weekend after the next so you can imagine I probably have 10 or so weddings lined up before I can get to yours, however I do endeavour to send you a few images within 24hrs to 1 week of your wedding so you have something to share with your friends and family. Video takes around 8-10 weeks. Images can take up to 10 weeks in peak seasons. This is rare.

What is your method when capturing weddings?

The Love Archives team are so talented at what we do. We have an easy going and professional demeanour. We like to have a laugh with our couples and our guests. We believe that on time is late (we're always early) and we love to capture the day, naturally as it unfolds. We do direct you through the portrait session but the guidance is designed to keep you moving and not stiff. Our advice to our couples is to not worry about anything going wrong because any of the little stuff ups will be the funniest parts you look back on in years to come.

We capture fly on the wall moments, we capture family photos, we capture the wedding party and couple session and depending on how long you've booked us for we capture the cake cutting, reception details, first dance, speeches, crazy party shots and everything in between.

What happens if it rains?

You embrace the day, pack some clear umbrellas for yourselves and your wedding party and you decide if you want to get wet or stay as dry as possible haha. Nine times out of 10, when it rains on a wedding day, it holds off until after the ceremony, then pours then clears up for a nice sunset portrait session. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with the elixir of the gods (hahah) then it's good to let your photographer know if you want to go wild and get amongst it for some crazy creative shots or if you would rather stay dry, so they can plan the best approach for your portrait session. 

If it is 100% chance of rain all day we recommend asking your venue for a wet weather plan. If you are getting married in a park and it isn't an option, we suggest asking all your guests to BYO (or you can provide) a clear umbrella for all). The clear ones look best and it saves you from having a giant Bunnings umbrella in your ceremony photos. For your portrait sessions, a professional photographer like us will relish in the chance to put their creativity to the ultimate test. After all, creativity is just problem solving, only pretty. 

We are so awkward!
Will you even be able to get a good photo of us?

You know when you go to the doctor and they need to see a vulnerable part of you and you're embarrassed and they're like "I've seen it alllllllll, I'm a doctor!!". Same goes here. There isn't a type of person on this planet that we haven't photographed. In fact, "awkward, every day person" is our most commonly captured type of person haha. 

We are so skilled in being able to help you relax, to express yourself naturally and to even look incredible in photos. Yes. Believe it.

Don't worry. Be your awkward self. We've got you.

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