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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do We Go About Booking You?

Should you decide I'm the photographer that you want to spend the rest of your life with (whoops, I mean photoshoot - but let's be real, once I shoot your engagement, you'll want me for your wedding, your newborn and your uncles 50th) you need to contact me via the Contact Form so we can hash out which package is right for you. Once you've decided on one, I'll direct you to the deposit payment method which secures the date for you and only you.


How Many Images Will I Receive?

This is completely dependant on how big or small your wedding or portrait session is. How many guests are invited, how long the wedding goes for and how many little details there are to capture. For family portraits, the amount of images you will receive is outlined in the package you'll choose but the options range from 10 to 40 images. For an elopement it's usually 200-250 images and for a full wedding it's usually 500-700 images. Which trust me, is more than enough. You want quality over quantity and rest assured I don't keep any good ones from you. Every image that is worth sharing will be retouched and sent your way. 

How Often Should We Keep In Touch Leading Up To The Wedding/ Portrait Shoot?

The answer to this is as often as you like but I do need your understanding that I also have a lot of other clients who need my attention as well so while I will get back to you on every question or idea you share, please grant me some patience. The usual amount is as follows: Some back and forth conversation until booking is made. I'll send an email outlining our plan for the shoot and double check that you're on board with everything. If it's a wedding you're booking, I'll also email you a week or so out from the wedding to make sure I'm up to date on any possible detail changes you might make. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive Our Images & video?

The standard processing time for a portrait session is up to two weeks. For a wedding it takes up to 6 to 8 weeks to flag (choose) all of my favourite images from your shoot, then to retouch them all in Adobe Lightroom. My weddings are usually back-to-back, one weekend after the next so you can imagine I probably have about 5 weddings lined up before I can get to yours, however I do endeavour to send you a few images within 24hrs of your wedding so you have something to share with your friends and family. Video takes a lot longer to edit than photography so we outsource video edits to be done by professional cinematic editors (otherwise you'd be waiting a looong time). We endeavour to have the video back to you in up to 8 weeks. Thanks in advance for your patience! Rest assured I will send them to you as soon as they're done. 

How Can We Meet You?

I would love to meet you too! If you live within 30 mins of Currumbin (QLD) I can come meet you for a coffee if my calendar allows for it. Otherwise you're welcome to come visit me here or I would love to chat to you on the phone, Zoom or Skype. Fun fact: Most brides book me without having met in real life or via Zoom. We chat a bunch on Instagram to get to know each other! But I am happy to do whatever you're comfortable with :)


Do You Travel Nationally and Internationally?

Yes absolutely! To be quite frank if I could duck to a new country every month for a wedding, I think my life would be complete. I'm happy to shoot weddings all around Australia and since I haven't had the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding, special rates will apply (yay for you!) Get in contact with me about it and my logistical-pro of a boyfriend will be in contact with you soon regarding travel costs to your area or the area of your wedding. 

Are Our Photos Safe?

Losing client's images would have to be one of the things that would keep me up at night if I weren't so prepared for the worse. They are indeed! They are kept on 3 hard drives for 12 months. I have 2 hard drives on site and one off site in case of fire or theft. 

How Can We Describe Your Style To Our Friends?

I would say I have a very candid and romantic photo-documentary style. My images are very true to what actually happened on the day with my lovey-dovey-artsy spin on it. Capturing natural expressions is what I love the most, whether it's someone inhaling the perfume of their new wife, or someone laughing at an obscene question I had their partner answer or tears of joy watching their precious walk down the isle. I create candid moments in the portrait session and I capture candid moments from afar. 

Are you a LBGQT ally?

Yas, queen.

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